From megalithic monuments older than Stonehenge two strange natural formations here are seven secrets of the Sahara Desert

#1. desert cones the thing about secrets is that once they’re uncovered they’re not a secret anymore but near Algona Egypt in the sands that surround the area there is a secret that keeps getting rediscovered in 2014 people used Google Maps to look at the Sahara Desert and its surrounding areas and noticed some odd cone-shaped markings in the sand as they zoomed out they noticed a massive pattern that was too precise to be random the cones were actually forming a spiral pattern but what was even more surprising was the size it was 100 feet in diameter in the center and the area that contained the spiral was a million square feet so what was it of course everyone was speculating it was the remains of a newly discovered civilization or ancient aliens well ironically it was a human who did this you see this pattern was actually an art piece done in 1997 it’s called desert breath and was made under the watchful eye of Danae Strato it apparently took years to make which given the desert setting I can believe ironically though people keep forgetting about it which is why when it was rediscovered in 2014 it caused a stir hopefully people will remember it this time but if not it’s not the worst thing in the world I guess

#2. the knob has stones when it comes to building things that are theoretically impossible for the times the Egyptians hold the record in southern Egypt there are ancient megalithic structures that are believed to be a type of calendar circle the stone structures of Napa playa are considered by archeologists to be the oldest known astronomical alignments of megaliths in the world what’s more the people of knapped apply a apparently dragged them over one kilometer to their final resting place even though the stone blocks are over nine feet tall still not impressed well if you compare these to stonehenge this humongous stone complex was made thousands of years before that not only did it have a megalithic calendar marking the summer solstice and the constellations in the night I there were also stone circles tombs slabs of stones and other things archaeologists are still uncovering there are so many questions when it comes to these stones why did the Egyptians feel the need to build them how long did it take what exactly did they do there even though it dates back at least 7,000 years it was only rediscovered in 1972

#3. it’s not exactly what you think here are some interesting facts about the Sahara Desert that you might not have known for example even though it is considered the largest desert on earth it’s technically not true Antarctica is scientifically a desert – a snow desert but one nonetheless but still if we’re talking sand deserts the Sahara is king by the way Sahara means desert in Arabic which means the name translated as literally desert desert which is why technically you should just say the Sahara but now is going to call you out on it unless they’re super annoying in English you can say it another fun fact while the Sahara is known for its heat as it should be the nights in the Sahara are the exact opposite at certain months of the year between December and February it can actually drop to below freezing temperatures sometimes way below and there’s even been cases of snow covering certain sand dunes Koha also despite the deserts reputation for harshness and death it actually has a lot of fertile lands on it you just have to know where to look Oasis aren’t everywhere mind you but it’s enough to make you wonder how it happened some of it is man-made while other aspects of it are caused by underground rivers because of this over a thousand species of plants live in the Sahara oh and one last thing the Sahara technically isn’t made up of all sand about 30 percent of it is pure sand and the rest is gravel the more you know right

#4. the magic lake when you’re dehydrated and have been wandering around the desert for a while you might start seeing things that aren’t there like a lake a mirage can be 112 00:04:10,680 –> 00:04:12,570 very deadly depending on how you react to it but imagine people surprise when an actual lake appeared near Tunisia in 2014 and not only was it real it was massive how massive well about 2.6 acres in size and about 54 feet deep the appearance of this lake has baffled many since its arrival but for the locals it’s a godsend the temperature in the area where the lake is which is 25 kilometers from gafsa tunisia can easily get above 100 degrees Fahrenheit so why roast when you can take a dip in a massive lake and because of its size it could fit a lot of people plus your animals now have somewhere to drink while investigations are still going on to find out how the lake was formed one popular theory suggests that it was because of an underwater spring that was unearthed because of mining operations the problem here is that the area is known for phosphate mines so if the water came up through those mines it could be radioactive another problem is that soon after the water’s arrival the color of it went from a pure turquoise to a sludgy green now there’s not real sludge in the water it’s actually algae which is a sign that the water itself is not getting replenished because of this development there have been warnings that disease could be gotten from swimming in the water this hasn’t been proven yet though and the lake is still open for business by decree of the Tunisian government though they have sent warnings about swimming in it.

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