I honestly can’t remember the last time that I was truly impressed by a presentation for those of you that claim that smartphones have gotten boring this one is not while we claims that the made 20 and made 20 Pro are here to welcome you into a higher intelligence and we’ll have a good review period to prove that the design philosophy of the made series is focused on the center of the device which opposes the site approach of the P series that intends to resemble a camera that made 20 and may 20 Pro instead have one of the coolest distinctive design elements that I’ve seen this year in this camera arrangement the company calls it its thinking lens tuned by Leica we have a triple camera arrangement with a whopping 40 megapixel primary out of 1.8 aperture the return of a telephoto at 8 megapixels and have 2.4 aperture with capabilities of 3x optical zoom a new addition a 20 megapixel wide-angle camera at F 2.2 replacing the monochrome as the company claims that the new primary doesn’t need assistance the fourth element a dual tone flash placed in a symmetrical spot the difference is what the may 20 is that we have a 12 megapixel primary instead of 40 the super wide angle is of 16 megapixels instead of 20 and the arrangement of the cameras is also slightly different if you look closely it’s called a thinking lens because we’re now jumping into master AI 2.0 the camera is smart enough to detect if you need a wide scene and then recommends if you want to switch lenses and this white sensor is fit for macro photography allowing you to get up to 2.5 centimeters close to your subject we also have features like AI 4d predictive focus object recognition active tracing by real-time motion detection that’s smart enough to avoid distractions once you select the subject Huawei also claims improvements in video with a new AI cinema mode bringing a classic movie feel in addition to a new colored tone you’ve seen in movies like Sin City were only a specific area as colored and then the rest is black and white really cool and when it comes to the bill the May 20 Pro is precision curved resembling the sleek design of the Oppo find X the back now uses a new hyper optical display pattern technology that creates a distinct feather-light design on the back on turn color option it’s more resistant to fingerprints and which feels like vinyl when you try to scratch it making it grippier in the hand color options range from pink gold Twilight black midnight blue and admiral green which have that type or optical finish on the front we have a six point three nine inch curved OLED display a 2k plus resolution and nineteen point five by nine aspect ratio and HDR capabilities yes there is a notch but this one actually serves a purpose it brings a full 3d sensing camera array at the top pretty much like what we have on face ID but now on Android this means a full dot projector flood illuminator IR camera proximity sensor and a 24 megapixel RGB camera both devices have dual firing speakers but there is no grill at the bottom of the pro it actually uses the USB C port to house the speaker which I hope still works whenever you connect it to a charger and then there’s the totally unconventional placement of the fingerprint scanner on the screen this is being dubbed the DPS or dynamic pressure sensing sensor that works as the name describes even when the screen is off though at the moment it doesn’t seem as reliable as we’d expect the Huawei made twenty on the other hand is more conventional so there’s a simple teardrop notch housing the 24 megapixel camera Huawei dubs the 6.3 inch full HD plus LCD panel as its new dewdrop display at a wider eighteen point seven by nine aspect ratio and HDR capabilities the back house is the same color options as the pro again a similar camera arrangement and with a regular fingerprint scanner at the back detect inside we have the new Karin 1987 nano-meter processor now with 2 MP use 1 for object recognition and the other for more complex tasks like natural language processing video editing etc according to Wahl way this makes it 20% faster 40% more power efficient and capable of 1.6 times more logic tasks than its predecessor the GPU performance is also 45% faster and 105 % more power efficient and we also have cat 21 1.4 gigabit LTE and 4×4 MIMO and then there’s ranges of 4 and 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigs of storage on the mate 2000 or 6 and 8 gigabytes of RAM and 102 or 256 gigs of storage on the May 20 Pro they both have duals send capabilities that are expandable but not through microSD and said Huawei has a new nano SD card that fits on the same nano SIM slot the May 20 pro bringing a larger 4200 milliamp hour battery versus four thousand milliamp hours on the May 20 there’s a faster 40 watt supercharger in the box of the pro bringing 70% battery charge in just 30 minutes there’s also support for faster 15 watt wireless charging and get this you can even use the May 20 Pro to reverse charge another Qi enabled product I know that’s crazy and then the regular mate 20 doesn’t have wireless charging only supports 22 watts of the supercharger and is only IP 53 rated but if you do want a headphone jack this is your device emui 9 is now Android Pi based the company has reduced the amount of settings by 10% to make this less complex it’s also now nature based meaning more natural elements wallpapers and sounds the menus have also been moved from the top to the bottom to improve one-handed usability and there’s also full screen gesture based navigation options but you’re more like what we see from Xiaomi instead of what we’ve seen from other devices while we claims that its UI is now 47 percent faster when tapping on an app 51 percent faster at launching one and 42 percent faster in usage the company also claims that this device guarantees no lag for 18 months sadly even though the desktop mode is now wireless we weren’t able to show it off to you on video during the demo time we also got to see a new Huawei watch GT it’s not based on where OS oddly but instead it brings its new7 light OS platform that Huawei claims brings longer battery life even though I know it looks pretty much like where OS regardless still the company claims two weeks of battery life for heart rate monitoring 30 days if you switched to only using this watch for notifications and 22 hours of you turn off all sensors meaning GPS heart rate etc it’s got a ton of sport modes and is even enhanced for sleep tracking that was built in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School CBD it brings a double chip technology one with low-speed capabilities for basic tasks and the other for high intensity tasks it sports a more classic design with a stainless steel chassis a ceramic bezel and a diamond light coating to avoid scratches and finally there is also the band 3 Pro which brings similar capabilities to the watch but it’s more like a regular fitness tracker there’s a CEO of 0.9 5 inch AMOLED touch display along with a touch key and this device is certified for 20 days of usage and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy so yes this is all we were briefed on when it comes to Huawei I hear that there might be even other devices announced that the event and in huawei style we don’t have pricing this was also announced at the event later what I will say is that I am really really excited for the May 20 Pro if all the company claims works as mentioned this is definitely a true beast of a phone an overview period has just begun so there’s only one way to find out let us know in the comments what you would like for us to compare and prove and while you’re at it make sure you follow us on social media subscribe to both of our channels English and Spanish for more videos like this one and follow me on Twitter hi managers quarterly that are on instagram at high many better please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m hi netiquette I thanks so much for watching we’ll see you on the 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