At the end of each day typically no matter what part of the world you’re in a cratered orb illuminates the night sky we know it best as our moon but have you stopped to think what you really know about that natural satellite in the sky journey with us back into the deep of space for these 10 amazing facts about the moon.

#1. a lunar time zone some of us have a hard enough time converting the time zones on earth but there’s actually a 25th sown you may not be aware of it’s called lunar Standard Time and just as it sounds it’s the conversion for figuring out what day and time it is on the moon using your local data say for instance you’re in the Pacific time zone or GMT minus 8 and it’s December 13 2016 at 1:46 on the moon it would be November 8 1949 at 11:26 in the morning the massive jump from 2016 to 1949 is mostly thanks to the moon’s rotational period which is equivalent to just under 30 earth days.

#2 lunar phases you’ve probably heard about the lunar phases specifically the full moon and a myth about how it alters human behavior so what are the different phases of the Moon and what precisely do they mean based on the relative position of the moon and the stage of its orbit we on earth are treated to what looks like different slivers of a lunar pie at all times the Sun is lighting one half of the moon leaving a shadow tap if the Sun the Moon and Earth are in approximate alignment you either get a full or new moon depending on if the LED or shadowed side of the Moon is facing earth the other phases 1st quarter waxing gibbous waning gibbous third quarter waning crescent and waxing crescent are created based on our perception and how much of the lid and shadowed portions of the moon we see.

#3. size of the Moon compared to earth the moon’s diameter is almost 5000 miles or about 8,000 kilometers smaller but it looks quite a bit larger when compared against some of the other natural satellites in our galaxy at 2150 8 miles or 3472 kilometers in diameter the moon is the fifth largest natural satellite and over 258 miles for 415 kilometers larger than the next largest satellite Jupiter’s Europa beating out our moon in size our Ganymede Callisto and IO of Jupiter and Saturn Titan.

#4. helium-3 how are we going to sustain life on earth is a question of concern as we continue to burn through fossil fuels but it’s possible that the answer is only 238 thousand nine hundred miles or about three hundred eighty four thousand five hundred kilometers away the substance is helium-3 a non radioactive helium isotope that is rare on earth but is found in abundance on our satellite known for its use of nuclear fusion research MRI scans and its viability in cryogenics helium-3 is turned into a sought-after material that countries like China are setting its sights on according to Professor Liu Yun Chu Lian of the Chinese lunar exploration program the moon supply of helium-3 could meet our energy demands for upwards of 10,000 years the united nations outer space treaty proposes that the moon’s resources are for mankind and not one nation which could prove our rocky area when china russia and the united states implement their proposed mining operations.

#5.┬áDennis hope galactic realtor as we mentioned the United Nations outer space treaty clearly indicates that the moon is the property of mankind as a whole meaning no nation can claim it as their own in the early 80s desperate American Dennis M hope took the verbiage of the treaty to mean that the moon was unknown to land and ceding money filed a claim of ownership with the UN when he received no response he proceeded to subdivide and sell the property to whoever was willing to pay the cost hope made so much off of his scheme that in 1995 he was able to quit his job and turn to galactic real estate along with the moon hope also claimed acreage on Mars Venus mercury and Jupiter’s moon Io thinking long term hope formed the Democratic Republic of the Galactic government and spent three years writing a constitution to protect his property from the inevitable intervention of much larger nations I’m also the elected president of the Black Sea government Demolition.

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