Pyramids to Cleopatra’s palace here are eight of the world’s most captivating submerged cities

#1 Port Royal Jamaica

Port Royal Jamaica was once known as the most wicked and sinful city in the world the city’s natural harbour was first used as a fishing port by its original inhabitants the Tainos in 1494 the Spanish took control of Jamaica with Christopher Columbus having declared it the fairest island eyes have beheld despite its beauty because the island lacked exploitable wealth including gold the Spanish paid little attention to it in years to come focusing primarily on their more profitable colonies in 1655 under the command of Oliver Cromwell the English took control of Jamaica after a horribly failed attempt to seize Hispaniola the island consisting of modern-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic located on the southeast Jamaican coast Port Royal became the hub of English life on the island at one point it became the most important trading post and the second largest city in the new world superseded only by Boston as the city grew and became richer it simultaneously gained notoriety as an epicenter of debauchery pirates boozers prostitutes and degenerates of all types On June 7th 1692 a devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Jamaica the sand that most of Port Royal was built on underwent instant liquefaction causing buildings people and roads to become submerged in the Caribbean Sea following the massive earthquake geysers erupting into sea then tsunami waves hit the city causing even more destruction in total around 33 acres or two-thirds of Port Royal were lost around 2,000 people were killed and four out of the town’s five forts were destroyed or submerged long dead bodies were mixed with a freshly deceased as Polly Saito cemetery where the infamous Captain Morgan had been buried for years prior slipped into the sea according to legend the inhabitants of Port Royal ultimately lived up to their reputation to looting and violence before the earthquake was over the superstitious and religious including the local clergy were quick to spread various narratives of the event tailored to their beliefs with most versions containing overtones of the natural disaster being the result of some type of moral retribution that had been sanctioned by God basically they all deserved it for being sinners advocates have pushed for the preservation of the sunken city and in 2009 made a submission for Port Royal to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site citing the historical value of its remains still most of the lost city lies under 40 feet of water and it holds a seemingly equal stagnant place on UNESCO’s tentative lists.

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#2 Lion City China

Lion City China nicknamed China’s Atlantis Lion City also once known as XI Cheng is arguably the most stunning underwater city built during the Han Dynasty and located at the bottom of a lake in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang it was once a thriving metropolis in 1959 the Chinese government decided to build a man-made lake as part of their plans for a new hydroelectric power station a dam was built and the historic economic and political center was slowly submerged the newly constructed body of water was named Cheon dal lake and covers a huge 62 football field-sized ancient city and anywhere between 85 and 130 feet of water for 53 years XI Cheng was forgotten about recently it was discovered that nearly every structure in the city remains intact including wooden beams and stairs earning it the label of a time capsule the rediscovered city attracted the interest of archeologists and a film crew and has since become a tourist attraction who wants to go diving there.

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#3 Pyramids of Yonaguni Jima

Pyramids of Yonaguni Jima Japan these underwater ruins are located near the Japanese island of Yonaguni Jima about 75 miles off the coast of Taiwan they are shrouded in mystery and have been a hot topic of controversy among scholars since their discovery in 1980 six by a local diver some researchers including marine geologist Masaaki Kimura who spent upwards of 15 years diving at the site believed that the ruins represent a city that sank 2,000 years ago at the hands of an earthquake although Kimura originally assumed the x cc structures were naturally-occurring he changed his mind after his first dive and began thinking of the city as a Japanese Atlantis of sorts based on his expertise Kimura estimates the city’s age at around 5,000 years old on the other hand a professor of Science and Mathematics at Boston University named Robert scotch maintains that the underwater pyramids were created naturally rather than being man-made but that they have been modified by humans at some point to support his claims Koch cited the tendency for sandstone to break in straight edges and along planes especially in an area with lots of faults and tectonic activity regardless of whether the ruins were man-made or somehow magically formed on their own they reached the bottom of the ocean one way or another but how according to Kimura the Pacific Rim is historically famous for huge seismic events put simply the structures were most likely wiped out by a natural disaster one possible culprit is the world’s largest recorded tsunami which struck Yonaguni Jima in April 1771 at an apocalyptic height of 131 feet meanwhile national and local authorities seem to want nothing to do with the site and refuse to recognize it as important cultural property despite the cold shoulder of government agencies tourists and researchers can freely explore the site

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#4 Pavlo P30 Greece

Pavlo p30 Greece located off the coast of southern Laconia in Peloponnese Greece the five thousand-year-old city of Pablo p3 is the oldest submerged lost city in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the oldest in the world it was discovered by a man named Nicholas Fleming in 1967 and mapped the following year by a team of archaeologists despite its age they were able to recognize a nearly complete urban plan including streets buildings and tombs after a series of studies experts determined that the city was likely built no later than 2008 BC they also concluded that the first in a series of three earthquakes the area suffered around 1000 BC was probably responsible for submerging the city because the city remained submerged ever since it was never disrupted by agriculture or built over although it’s eroded considerably over the several centuries it spent underwater while the town layout remains the same as it was several thousand years ago it’s at the continuous mercy of the elements as well as potential damage at the hands of humans including souvenir hunters tourists and dragging boat anchors.

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#5 Bhaivaa Italy

Bhaiyaa Italy some seventeen hundred years ago 150 miles south of Rome and 50 miles north of Pompeii Italy’s west coast was host to an upscale resort town known as bhaiyya which was known for its natural therapeutic Hot Springs Kelly McLaughlin of the Daily Mail in the UK described bhaiyya as a Las Vegas for the super-rich of the first centuries ancient Rome according to historians the mansion covered town was synonymous with luxury and wickedness during the eighth century the city was sacked by the Saracens and by 1500 AD it was completely abandoned then thanks to volcanic activity the coastline receded some four hundred metres over time and the entirety of Bayeux was eventually swallowed by water its remains are located in modern-day Italy’s Gulf of Naples in 2017 after the city was finally rediscovered divers were permitted to explore it they snapped amazing photos of statues mosaics and structures that reflect by his past opulence and offer a first-hand look at a place that was frequented by ancient Rome in big shots including nero cicero and julius caesar the remains of bhaiyya are extremely well preserved and are open to visitors via glass-bottomed boats snorkeling and scuba diving.

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