Sometimes it seems that you’ve seen so much in this life that nothing will be able to surprise you ever again. And then you accidentally overheard someone mentioned something amazing like the fact that snails have 14,000 feet yes you heard right snails oh the world is such an amazing place.


Honey never goes off not after one year not after two never archaeologists have often found pots of honey thousands of years old that are yet still preserved this food can last forever.

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The human nose can remember 50,000 different scents also human ears can differentiate millions of sounds and our eyes can discriminate about thousands of colors I’ve never thought about this.

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The turritopsis nutricula jellyfish is the only known organism on earth which is biologically immortal yes they can live forever the only known way they can die is if they get consumed by another fish.

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The heart of a blue whale is so massive the human being can swim through its arteries and veins honestly it’s hard to imagine also a blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived larger than the biggest dinosaur.

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Yet the throat of a blue whale is no bigger than a saucer therefore it can’t follow anything wider than a beach ball sacks.

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For every person in the world there are around 1.6 million and the overall weight of all these ants is equal to the combined weight of the world’s human population a little bit scary doesn’t it.

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An octopus has three hearts two of them loose lug beyond the skills of the third one keeps circulation flowing to the live organ three hearts, What a lucky guy.

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