Helios 500 as a core i9 laptop very powerful laptop that was properly cooled in this particular chassis this is also a Helios 500 but it’s running AMD hardware so it’s running AMD’s Rison 720 700 as well as AMD’s vega 56 GPU so once again very powerful components stuck into a chassis that has been proven to be very good at cooling things now what makes this laptop special what makes it different is that this is an 8 core CPU all the stuff from Intel this year on their mobile stuff is 6 cores so i7 I 9 they’re all 6 core CPUs great CPUs this is an 8 core CPU so if you’re running stuff that’s see if you dependent this is going to give you better performance now I wanted to take a look at this thing just because I’ve seen how good the CPU is in desktop applications I’ve run this particular CPU on several desktops great performs for the money and they’re running that exact same CPU in here 8 cores so not that much else is different on this device compared to the Intel variant I reviewed previously the screen is free sync compatible in case you have multiple free sync external monitors you want to plug it up to but in terms of the actual build quality and the keyboard the trackpad the battery size all that stuff remains the same it’s just the CPU and the GPU that have been changed so let’s talk about the CPU first the 8 core Ryzen 7 2700 is a beast it’s literally the most powerful multi-core CPU that’s available in a laptop right now I mean maybe there might be some custom built like 18 core laptop out there but in terms of commercially available ones this is the most powerful and I’ve seen the overclocking software from AMD works on the CPU and because it’s a well called chassis we can take advantage of it I’m able to get decent overclocking on this laptop but nothing crazy so on desktops I’ve been able to hit 4 gigahertz on each core not without difficulty but it is doable this laptop lets me hit 3.7 gigahertz on every core which is really respectable considering what this is now you can disable cores if you want to just run for 4 games and stuff like that but for what I was trying to do I wanted to see how good this thing was for multi-core applications so I ran this thing in Cinebench and I got the highest score I’ve ever seen in a laptop and same with video renders in premièred this thing is pushing out significantly faster render times than I seven or an i-9 those two extra cores really make a difference the GPU in here is AMD’s Radeon Vega 56 and it’s also a very powerful card I’d say it’s very similar in performance to a gtx 1070 depending on the title some games will do better or worse I find that DirectX 12 games tend to do better on the AMD card the gaming performance on the AMD variant of the Helios 500 is good but I wouldn’t say that it’s better than the Intel version so if you’re trying to decide whether to get this one or the i9 version like if you’re in that fortunate position where you’re kind of deciding between the two it really depends on what you’re going for if you’re just playing games and that’s all you’re getting this laptop for I probably lean more towards the i9 and the gtx 1070 variant that’s a very powerful system this system is more geared towards people that are content creators like if you’re video editor or you deal with 3d work like 3d modelling or game development the two extra cores in the Ryzen system is going to give you better performance than the Intel system and that’s basically what this thing is an absolute beast for multi-core.

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