Here we are in the Acer booth and here it is in the flesh the laptop that many would have called impossible but I now that I’ve seen that it is indeed possible would simply call very very very highly improbable this is it it is a 21 inch laptop with a curved 2560 by 1080 120 Hertz display a Cherry MX brown mechanical keyboard with full individually controlled and back-light RGB lighting a right-handed right sided touch-pad Aurel look at that it can also have a number pad that is also individually lit but regrettably not Cherry MX brown keys which I mean Acer you guys got to get your stuff together he’s not even mechanical keys and it’s got a balls-to-the-wall io including a couple USB fries on the right a Kensington lock you lock this baby up because otherwise someone’s gonna walk off with it and gain a few pounds of arm bulk in the process I mean look at my arms I’m not flexing I’m just holding the laptop we got two more USB 3s on the Left dedicated headphone and microphone audio jacks an SD card reader and oh this is where it gets real right around the back here where you got to power plugs in for two 330 watt bricks more on that later gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt 3 2 Display-Port 1.2 is HDMI 2.0 and a whole lot of ventilation so why does it need five fans and nine internal heat pipes that’s a great question it comes down to specs inside the predator 21 X you will find a core i7 78 20 HK that is an overclock-able chip Acer didn’t give any specific reason why they didn’t just go with a desktop chip like I’ve seen done in these times of machines before but there you go it’s got 64 gigs of DDR for dual channel memory 2 GTX 1080s and SLI each with 8 gigs of gddr5 X it’s got on one terabyte nvme SSD raid 0 configuration with a 1 terabyte hard drive that is actually the memory and all the drive slots are pretty easy to get at so you’ve got a couple more spare SATA and got 2 slots available and the CPU and GPU are both overclockable but what is that overclocking translate to well our benchmark results actually went down in Unigine valley but I think that speaks to the pre-production nature of this machine not to the insufficient thermals because the temperatures of the GPUs while running these tests were flippin unbelievable we’re not even reaching the 80 degree limit of the GTX 1080 so I would expect that even though they don’t have any details for me at this time these might even be full TDP 10 ATS in a laptop form factor though it would be fairly generous to call this a laptop form factor there’s only one configuration the highest end configuration but quite frankly I agree with Acer’s decision as much as consumer choice is important quite frankly I think anyone spending $8,000 on a laptop is probably willing to spend $9,000 on a laptop because they’re going for the best of the best and that’s what this puppy is gonna cost you at least in the US so wow that is a thing it’s real it is not a PR stunt I mean it might still be a PR stunt but it’s a real one that you can actually hold I mean look how thick this thing is so thanks for watching our coverage of the predator 21 X here at the Acer booth at CES 2017 and a huge shout-out to our sponsor for this video D brand if you guys are thinking gee my device looks kinda cool and it’s like kind of scratch resistant but it could be a lot better D brand is the solution they’ve got a ton of authentic 3m vinyl wraps in many different colors and designs and they are sized perfectly to fit your device whether it’s a game console phone or a laptop

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