Numerous conspiracy theories exist around this mysterious secret laboratory area 122 is located on Ross Island in the frozen and enigmatic Antarctic and also it is not accessible to all the area belongs to the ASPA which means Antarctic specially protected area in total there are 170 ASPA plants distributed throughout the Antarctic most of which are used for scientific research one of the conspiracy theories says that the search for extraterrestrials but cannot be confirmed for the time being the secret facility serves the scientists who work there to explore the aurora borealis and the ozone layer the installation has a dome that resembles a radar system but the interior is harmless and nothing mysterious the researchers keep in touch with their families employers friends and relatives via satellite only the strict military surveillance of the costly research facility which lies deep in the South Pole mountains remains mysterious area 122 is under military control 24 hours a day and has been hermetically sealed potential intruders without security clearance would not have an opportunity to enter the base the soldiers on guard would arrest the person immediately and most likely interrogate her area 122 is operated by the Antarctic Program of the United States and Antarctica of New Zealand the research team has to work with old computers that are not equipped with a USB port but with a floppy disk drive computers work and are used the sky lights are distributed over the roof and offer direct access to the world outside the secret laboratory in the corner there is a Dobson spectrometer with a large periscope protruding from it the spectrometer is used to analyze the ozone layer while other instruments explore the upper atmosphere in the Northern Lights since 1959 122 New Zealand scientists have been working in area 122 near the u.s. research station McMurdo the McMurdo Station is the largest research and logistics facility in Antarctica operated by the United States Antarctic Program since 1955 .

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