oh right let’s show them what you’re working with but you know let’s be decent this is a family show after all no it’s not alright so I’ve had a lot of requests to review this laptop and it took much longer to get in than I would have liked but it’s here so let’s see what all the fuss is about does that pers emma is a charming little bastard kind of reminds me of the msi GSC v stealth in i reviewed recently so it’s got a nice touch of class but it’s still a little more gamer centric looking than the msi it’s like it was made for the gamer that likes to wash down their doritos with champagne the build quality is awesome it’s super duper sturdy feeling absolutely no creaks or cracks when you handle it we’ve got a nice black brushed aluminum lid with a backlit rog logo that glows a nice subtle red and when there’s enough daylight on it it’s even less noticeable all the ports are on the left and right side so nothing on the back which is a bit of a bummer but on the Left we’ve got the power port which is pretty inconveniently located in the middle I think they should have at least placed this at the back then we’ve got an HDMI port three USB 3.1 ports and an audio port then on the right side we’ve got another USB 3.1 port and a Thunderbolt 3 port so if down the road that’s super capable gtx 1070 can’t keep it up like a shot of Viagra you’ve got the option of connecting an external GPU the only port it’s missing that I wish they’d figure out how to include is the network port so instead we’re left with relying on Wi-Fi although there are USB network adapters out there but still under the lid we’ve got a full size keyboard with some super convenient dedicated buttons for the volume mic and the rog gaming center it is RGB backlit but with only four zones instead of per key it’s got a nice travel distance at 1.5 millimeters but it feels a little soft on the press which might be good if you’re a quiet gamer but I type and play games like my fingers are fucking hammer so I want it to feel and sound like I’m building a house but trackpads awesome although a little small but with Windows drivers and the built-in left and right buttons it’s been stellar zero complaints for me there there’s a left and right speaker on the bottom which is pretty much the worst and most common place to put speakers on a laptop but to be honest they sound awesome no distortion even at max volume and there’s actually some noticeable bass with nice clean mids and highs we get great access to all the internal organ with 18 screws and once you’re in we can see and upgrade the existing 16 gigs of ram to 32 that 256 gig m2 nvme drive the awesome one terabyte two and a half inch fire CUDA mechanical drive as well as battery and fans for cleaning battery life on gaming laptops has always been like xanax level depressing but it gets a little worse here with its 55 watt hour battery which is about 15 to 20 watt hours less than most and only give you about three to four hours max of productivity time the 15 inch v8 panel with a matte finish produces some really nice punchy colors but with only 91% srgb and 61% Adobe RGB color gamuts maybe not the best for content creation like you’re not gonna be the next Jake or Logan Paul not that you’d want to but still totally adequate and looks great for watching videos what this display is really made for is gaming and with 144 Hertz refresh rate 3 millisecond response time and gsync paired with the gtx 1070 until i 78750 age and the fantastic new cooling system it does gaming me be really well there’s no power limit throttling and especially no thermal throttling thanks to what Asus is calling their active aerodynamic system which basically creates a gap between the bottom panel and the chassis when the lids open so when stress testing both the CPU and GPU at max fan speeds this new system is proven itself by preventing CPU temps from ever reaching past 80 Celsius and GPU tems past 75 Celsius now at max fan speeds yeah it’s loud similar to how loud the eighth circuit Leo’s 500 guests for example it does have balance in salads modes which are really quiet for when you’re not gaming but I wouldn’t recommend using those while gaming or you can expect to start seeing some thermal throttling I don’t know about you guys but I’d much rather trade some loud ass fans over thermal throttling any day especially since I can’t hear shit over the blood-curdling screams of my enemies when I’m wearing headphones anyways so wrapping up the news at 4 sm is an awesome laptop it checks pretty much all the boxes for me with an awesome 144 hertz g-sync display wicked performance and some really impressive cooling wrapped in a solidly built suit of armor now if I was to nitpick a couple things like a disapproving mother not display bezels quite a bit thicker than most thin gaming laptops these days um it would have been nice if they placed the power port on the back where at the very least further back from where it is now and battery life could have been much better but that’s pretty much it anyways I think that about does it for this one.

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