China is to launch an artificial moon into space in an attempt to eliminate one of the country’s largest cities by the year 2020 according to officials in Chengdu a city with a population of 14 million people in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan they place a satellite in orbit by 2020 proficient enough to reflect sunlight onto the city streets and replacing streetlights the fake moon will apply a reflective coating which will direct light to brighten an area on earth of up to 50 square miles Wu Chun Fang claims chairman of the city’s aerospace Science and Technology micro electronics system Research Institute according to the Telegraph the launch followed a similar project in 1999 when Russian researchers projected to use orbiting mirrors to light up cities in Siberia hoping it would be an affordable alternative to electric lighting the scheme developed by Russia used a device called Z na Mia – it was equipped with a 25 meter mirror to illuminate a three mile wide patch of land during its first orbit the craft was damaged following a collision in space the scheme was dropped in remarks first reported by SIF News mr. Chun Fang told a science event in Chengdu that the artificial moon which has been undergoing testing for several years will provide at least eight times extra light than the real moon he did not say how much the project would cost scientists have warned the device could disturb wildlife and disrupt systems that observe the Earth’s atmosphere however Kong women a director at the school of aerospace at the Harbin Institute of Technology told sift news that the satellite would provide a dusk like glow meaning it will not affect animals if you want to know more about this news subscribe and do not forget to leave us your comment below.

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