Yes you read that correctly FBI files reveal that Hitler faked his death and fled to Argentina in an astonishing new series a television series a team of former CIA investigators uncover secret FBI files to quote reveal exactly what happened to Adolf Hitler Cady Mansfield writing for the express reports using a collection of never-before-seen documents the team claims to have proof that Hitler did not kill himself in his underground bunker at the end of the Second World War instead the investigators believe Hitler faked his own death before scampering off to the Canary Islands to live out his days in the sunshine and that eventually going to Argentina CIA veteran Bob Baer said quote the narrative the government gives us is a lie if you look at the FBI files it throws open the entire investigation quote what we are doing is reexamining history history that we thought was settled that Hitler died in the bunker but the deeper we get into it it’s clear to me we don’t have any facts for that the team says they have access to 700 pages of newly declassified information with one document stating that the American army quote American army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that Hitler is dead the team who is featured in a series on the History Channel called hunting Hitler use sonar historical maps and cutting-edge technology as well as interviewing a series of alleged witnesses to the Krays dictators escape the article continues here Hitler easily faked his own death through the use of a double says the team who added the corpse found by the Russians was actually 5 inches shorter than Hitler with a smaller skull not to mention the fact that the body disappeared before the American or British authorities could investigate it some reports suggested Hitler had lived to 95 with a low in Brazil after an unusual photograph emerged now ex United Nations war crimes investigator John sense ik helped lead the investigation he was initially a skeptic but he insists that there is evidence that both Hitler and his wife Eva Braun did have doubles the article continues here he said quote we do know from evidence both of them had doubles if someone was going to stage a crime scene this was the perfect way to do it quote the accepted truth that he committed suicide is ambiguous the article continues as the war crime to an end as the war came to an end many Nazis fled and set up a new life in warmer climates many making it all the way to South America and the crack team uncovers a mass exodus from Tempelhof Airport the day after Hitler was last seen in public and further twist the plane even contained Hitler’s luggage the team concludes that Hitler could not have made the long journey in a symbol a single trip and evidence points to them points them towards the Canary Islands as well as Greece interviewing an alleged witness to Hitler’s escape mr. Semak speaks to former construction a former construction worker who claims to have seen Hitler in May of 1945 days after he supposedly died in Berlin from there it’s believed that Hitler travelled by u-boat to Argentina to be reunited with his Nazi comrades a complex network of tunnels and secret airplanes made the journey possible now folks I’ve seen this this series on the History Channel and I was absolutely captivated by every minute of it so it’s called hunting Hitler you could probably find it on demand you may be able to find it if you go to History Channel calm but there’s also another documentary I really want you to check out it’s called gray wolf the escape of Adolf Hitler and I actually secured that documentary it actually it reenacts uh what they believed happen with Hitler’s escape they actually have an actor who plays Hitler and it’s basically Hitler after World War two after his supposed death it’s really well done it really lays out the case now if you ask me I am 100% convinced that Adolf Hitler didn’t fake his death did make it to Argentina and that America was America lied to the American people um the British lied to the world when they created that document that you know about him dying in the bunker the book so there is enough evidence that has now come out through these documents that clearly show the FBI was was looking for him they were looking for him but there’s here’s the question and I believe the answer to that question is this first of all why did they let him escape why did they do that first of all the reason they let him is because of all the Nazi scientists that came over to the United States to work in the space program and other secret projects so America I believe could have deal with Adolf Hitler through the intelligence agencies to let him escape in exchange he would give them all of the scientists so that’s the first thing they said look we’re gonna let you hang out down there and Argentina we’re not going to bother you just don’t cause any trouble so if you watch this on this gray wolf documentary and if you watch the the series it’s an eight part series on the History Channel it really raises these questions and in my opinion it’s it’s definitive evidence but the sad part is is that you know this truth is only going to be relegated to conspiracy theory that’s the sad part and that there’s not going to be any anything nobody held responsible the history books are still going to say that Hitler died in the bunker with Eva Braun despite all of this evidence so that’s this I think that’s really the sad part of this whole thing is that they’re going to continue to Pacha wait the lie because if they have to rewrite history it changes the entire structure of how we trust our governments it just proves that our governments lie to us repeatedly this is just one more example of that lie being perpetuated just to fulfill the agenda of the governments for whatever reason like I said to get the secret technology from the Nazis I mean whatever else I mean having a British historian go in and write a book about the about the bunker and what happened there is is like like there’s then that’s like the Warren Commission if you ask me like that’s the document there everyone points to and this is definitive but it just exists first of all just the existence of these documents the 700 documents is proof enough that there were eyewitnesses now in that in that History Channel series there’s even a woman who she says that she actually they interview her in the in this History Channel series she went and she served food to Adolf Hitler when Hitler was staying at the Eichorn estate who the I corns were prominent Nazis in in Argentina and they had a big hotel there and Hitler supposedly stayed there for some time and this young woman she was only about 15 at the time she was serving him meals and she was changing his linens and that kind of thing and she communicated with the limo driver and the limo driver confirmed that it was Adolf Hitler I mean there’s so many eyewitness accounts of his of his time there and most people don’t even realize the massive infrastructure the massive German Nazi Party infrastructure that was in Argentina at the time now in this in this entire stretch of this what is it the the series on the History Channel you can they take you to Hitler’s hideouts they take you to to one place it was only accessible by boat they also take you to some of these villages that have straight-up Bavarian style architecture I mean the German influence is beyond a beyond question so like I said if you ask me the guy faked his death America covered up the Brits covered it up I mean even Stalin said that he knew that Hitler escaped to Argentina even Truman questioned it so the facts speak for themselves we’ve been lied to you’ve been lied to the world’s been lied to do you believe leave your Hitler lived after the war by hitting.

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