The realms of science fiction and reality are starting to merge with America’s revolutionary new stealth technology the x86 be as it’s called is the world’s first truly invisible airplane according to the US Air Force the secret behind the invisible airplane as with most major military operations America has decided to keep the details of this invisible airplane classified what has been confirmed however as that as we;; use a technology called arc emitting diodes deads make the craft invisible to the naked eye deads consists of a small chip with a pn-junction paired to an embedded quantum vacuum cavity it may sound like the technology of the future but deads have actually been around for three decades until now their use has been limited to just a handful of small applications rumors have long circulated that deads would someday make an invisible airplane and now those rumors come to fruition America spills the Beans for a project so classified many might wonder why america is making this information public to the world well it turns out that may not have been the original plan the invisible jet technology was confirmed by Pentagon officials just before a poorly organized press conference with the project’s contractor due to lack of communication the contractor Youodyne prematurely announced the dead jet technology America was planning on releasing this information to the world the following month but plans had changed this leads one to believe what else the government may be hiding alien military craft confirmed there is evidence that the tr-3b government spacecraft exists UFO Hunters claim the invisible airplane has been flying above America since 1994 due to its stealth nature clear footage has never been taken if this recent sighting isin fact real it will be the highest quality footage ever recorded of the top-secret tr-3b this invisible airplane allegedly has a polymer skin that allows it to change reflectivness and even shape to the human eye of course the government denies its existence entirely however frequent sightings and claims from scientists suggest otherwise.

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