I recently put out a video about how Apple was really late in updating their MacBook lineup they were still running the seventh gen CPUs it was bothering me and then a few days later they came out with the 8th gen CPUs on their Mac books and that’s what we have you’re an i-9 and an i7 I purchased the i9 the i7 is my colleagues this is a device that is very expensive not unexpectedly so it is an apple product I’m used to paying their premiums but it is an expensive product now a lot of people are looking at this thing with like the $10,000 price tag it’s become a meme I’m sure at this point if you focus on the storage and you crank this thing up with 4 terabytes then yeah the price tag is absolutely insane but the regular configurations are expensive but just they’re not unexpectedly so ok I’m gonna start off this video with what the big change for this year is the CPU the i9 in particular is a very powerful CPU when it comes to multi-core applications this thing’s a beast the problem though is that this chassis the MacBook Pro cannot cool the i9 properly when you look at renders and I’m using Adobe Premiere after a few seconds we’re starting to see some very serious throttling on a properly cool device that spiky line for the clock frequency would be much flatter and would be a higher clock speed so here’s a Windows laptop the temperatures are a little bit lower and it runs at a higher frequency this I 9 in this macbook can’t even maintain the base clock speed forget about turbos and all that stuff it can’t even maintain the 2.9 gigahertz base clock which is absurd this CPU is an unlocked overclockable chip but all of that CPU potential is wasted inside this chassis or more the thermal solution that’s inside here if you look at the render times it’s really pronounced the MacBook is gonna inherently be slower that’s normal Adobe Premiere isn’t as well optimized for mac OS as it is for Windows but that has nothing to do with Apple the 2018 MacBook with the i-9 is way slower than it should be and when I ran the same render with the i9 in the freezer look at the difference in render time it’s crazy power throttling and thermal throttling isn’t anything new we’ve seen in Mac books for years and we’ve seen it in lots of devices including Windows devices but like this degree of thermal throttling is it’s not acceptable this is something that Apple shouldn’t put out on the market and just blindly sell to people because a lot of people that purchase this do we’ll never know that their laptop is throttling to this degree I value multi-core performance because a lot of the apps that I use for work and the apps that I used to make youtube videos are they benefit from high core count and from high clock speeds and when you have throttling like this it just doesn’t make sense see a lot of professionals are looking at these laptops as an option like they’re looking at the i9 or maybe the i7 like hmm maybe I’ll get this maybe you know partially because of the brand partially because you know they have a track record of making professional hardware but this type of thermal throttling really affects the end-user and doesn’t matter what you’re using it for like if your final cut user or adobe premiere or if you’re using it for software development or calculations like fluid dynamics it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your device if you have any kind of like extended computational work that use of the CPU and that’s probably why you’re looking at these devices in the first place it’s gonna throttle and that’s unacceptable to me because when you have options like 32 gigs of ram and up to 4 terabytes of super fast storage that’s not consumer-grade hardware that’s some really high level stuff that professionals are looking at and they also need CPUs that don’t throttle or at least don’t throttle to this degree ok enough about the CPUs the GPUs they’ve included are a small upgrade from the previous generation they’re calling them the Radeon Pro 5 60 X it’s still based on Polaris like the Radeon Pro 460 and the 560 but clocked a little bit faster in short native gaming on the MacBook Pro still isn’t great you’ll have to run boot camp or run an external GPU the native fortnight client runs ok on this you can hit 60 frames per second if you lower the graphics quality a little bit but the frame rates can get a little bit spiky alright so other features they have this year the screen has been updated to a true tone display so it uses ambient sensors to kind of see what your surrounding color temperature is like and it’ll adjust the temperature on the screen to make it easier on your eyes it’s not like a game-changing feature but it is nice to have other changes the keyboard so this is now the third generation of the butterfly switches it’s not for everyone but like most keyboards I think you can get used to it if you type on it for long enough there’s now a membrane like a silicon membrane underneath each key and I think it something that’s gonna help with the durability issues that the butterfly switches have had over the past couple of years I don’t think it changes the typing experience very much like people are saying that it’s quieter like it is but it’s barely noticeable to me so if you didn’t like the keyboard from the previous generation you probably won’t like this one either now inside the internals haven’t changed very much it now runs up to 32 gigs of ram and this is ddr4 ram so it’s a little bit more power-hungry and to compensate for that they’re actually using bigger batteries slightly bigger but it is bigger but battery life feels unchanged I’m getting the same 8 hours from this device compared to the previous generation so I think it’s seriously just to compensate for the higher voltage memory the drive is crazy fast it’s literally the fastest drive I’ve seen in a laptop today it’s really impressive but the overall product like the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro my overall thoughts on it are that I’m disappointed if it weren’t for the thermal issues this would be my laptop of choice I don’t mind the performance hit when I switch over to Mac OS like I just prefer that ecosystem I like the way that the hardware looks I like Mac OS I enjoy Apple products but this year the thermal throttling is just a little bit too severe see if they’re gonna use the whole like MacBook Pro thing it shouldn’t just be a product that you know let’s charge the most amount of money we can because it’s a pro product like it should be built around the needs of professionals and I don’t think it is ok.

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