The Cassini mission before its death managed to record a large amount of very precious data now a new investigation of his last mission called the grand finale has determined a previously unknown interaction between Saturn and Enceladus these strange sounds that have been detected on our planet and come from an area of space between Saturn and Enceladus specifically they are plasma waves detected by the Cassini probe called radio plasma wave science RP WS the RP ws was able to detect a series of sounds of the plasma waves traveling between Saturn and Enceladus showing that these waves travel through the magnetic field lines that connect to both objects ali suleiman a university of iowa planetary scientist and member of the RP WS team said in a statement Enceladus as this small generator that runs around Saturn and we know it is a source of continuous energy now we find out that Saturn responds by sending signals in the form of plasma waves through the circuit of magnetic field lines that connect it to Enceladus hundreds of thousands of kilometres away but this is not the only sound in space the sound is borne by a vibration in the air that when it reaches the eardrum is perceived as sound if there is no air the vibrations cannot spread however radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation like light generated by self-propagating electric and magnetic fields so they do not need air to travel in space these radio waves are converted into sound using radio technology which we have used for a long time to communicate on our planet this is exactly what Cassini did the sound obtained as a mysterious and spectral scream that increases in decreases this is the first detection of this type made near the planet scientists know that the relationship between Saturn and Enceladus is different from that between the earth and the moon they also know that Saturn’s magnetic field covers Enceladus unlike the moon which is outside our magnetic field based on this the new research highlights the relationship between Saturn and its satellite and solidus highlighting the singularities of Saturn

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