Shocking not to see how from time to time scientists come out claiming that we are alone in the universe today in 2018 is impressive but good I think it’s a thought anchored in the average age and I think it’s based in gnu the evidences surely thinking about all this most of you will agree with me in Monkey think that the mere fact that there is life on earth already means that under the same conditions and in many of the billions of good of planets in the universe already could develop life today the truth is a special day and it’s a special day to believe in it since scientists from the institute of Georgia technology in good in the USA have found new evidence that point to two exoplanets already discovered could harbor life all this is revealed by a new study that well I leave you as always in the description of this program now you I’m going to tell you how these two are exoplanets and then good I’ll tell you what that has been discovered in them that the It’s so similar to our beloved land what you see here is Kepler 186 f was located by the large Kepler telescope in 2014 and good is at almost 500 light years specifically about 492 three light years from here of the earth your radio is a little bit more than that of our planet a 11 percent just that the one on our planet is in the constellation of the swan and its year lasts 130 days ie it takes 130 days to give a complete round around his star what is your temperature so here is some discrepancies because you will see if we do a simulation putting the same atmosphere as the earth because it gives the temperature of this exoplanet of 386 efe then it would go around the less 46 degrees centigrade but of course given that this planet is 11 percent more great that the earth retains more atmosphere and this implies that your temperature is higher so possibly higher than those minus 46 degrees Celsius and good this another one that we have here is that having 62 This exoplanet was also located with the large kepler space telescope and Well the truth is that it is about 1200 light years from the earth is further away even that kepler 186 efe this one can be considered a supertierra since good has a radio about 40 more than that of our planet has been discovered in the constellation of the lira that is a constellation that is very close to the swan and his year is quite curious because it ‘s almost almost we would say that similar to sea tardà in respectively one turn around his star about two hundred sixty seven days its temperature is slightly colder that the earth also have the same problem as with the previous one is say putting the same atmosphere that we have the earth does not come out in the simulation is an average temperature of minus 30 degrees centigrade but given that surely having 40% 40% more radio has a much more atmosphere dense surely then on this planet what happens is that there is a temperature that rounded the 0 degrees or even be a temperate temperature you ask me how these scientists have come to the conclusion that both Kepler 186 f like Kepler 62 f are more like the land of what was thought you will see as I tell you the scientists of the institute of Georgia have done simulations precise simulations with the most advanced programs that have and used those simulations to recreate these two exoplanets the scientists are have been very surprised since for example in Kepler 186 f have proven that this exoplanet has the same axial tilt that the earth exactly the same even when less very similar is to say more or less about 23 degrees what makes it good that they have the conditions necessary for life and that its climate has the variations that has just the land doing precisely that life thrive on that kind of land 2.0 these scientists also added that the axial inclination of this exoplanet is stable over time is say that life can thrive there for thousands of millions of years since would have practically a very similar to the earth and some very similar climatic variations to this also good you have to add it that we already know about this exoplanet and it is what good with many you will know is in the habitable zone of its star in the good golden curls area as you usually to call what obviously means that it is a planet fit for life remember that in the habitable zone of our system solar only the earth is found and in the limit is found Mars so that good that these planets are therefore in its habitable zone means first that are very fit for life such and how is the earth and second what many of you will already know that the water is in the three states ie liquid solid and gaseous which means that directly they are potentially planets habitable and we could say effectively that with 159 00:07:46,800 –> 00:07:50,430 this data Kepler 186 F is a second earth since it is a planet that It has the most similar conditions known and in addition a tilt exactly the same as those on earth and in addition it would keep with time but good anyway scientists have not stopped there in that exoplanet as I tell you also have made simulations on the planet Kepler 62F what is this this planet that you I show here in this recreation and look like the axial inclination of Kepler 62 f is also very stable is also very similar to the earth after these scientists have not revealed what and checking the axial inclination of mars for example let’s say confirmed that it is very unstable the inclination of Mars has varied from 0 at 60 degrees over the years by what good that could be the reason main reason why Tuesday stayed practically without good water without water and no atmosphere for example the earth if we check that inclination axial that has the earth the inclination from the axis of the earth we see that it varies from 22 to 24 24 5 degrees or so in about 10,000 years it varies however with its gravity it causes that Mars let’s say be a little more unstable and marte by not having a moon that stabilize then there we have say a combination that makes on Mars let’s say it abandoned to its fate what is it that these scientists they analyzed Kepler 186 f and Kepler 62 F with these two exoplanets does not happen the same is to say they do not have planets close that their inclinations vary make alterations in their orbits so what can we say are planets quiet in order now the next step will be check if they have moons that help stabilize those planets since good d check yourself and discover eye a moon orbiting 186 d we would no longer be talking about it is a planet like the land but we would be seeing indirectly the twin of the earth and this would be quite shocking finally impressive study that we makes us reflect and makes us think that very possibly we are not alone in the universe and that the problem really they are still the enormous distances that they separate us between those planets without But I think it’s good that it’s a good start to try to observe more up close those planets and how not also listen to them with the most powerful radio telescopes friends maybe it will not take long long in arriving the day in which receive a greeting from one of those land 2.0 finally thank you very much for being there and see you in the next program here in crosses the unknown.

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