how high is Samsung on the fordable phone it will unveil early next year according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal the manufacturer has blessed the device with the code-name winner that move is either an example of confidence or wishful thinking on the part of Samsung the long rumored device has been dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X by US media types and could be unwrapped as soon as next January CES in Las Vegas Samsung is keen to be the first to launch a proper fordable phone IE with a single uninterrupted screen claim insiders this should happen early next year and the company believes this will reinvigorate the demand for high-priced phones the journal does pass along some rumored specs the folding screen measures 7 inches and takes up nearly the whole device when fully open in a tablet like mode the display can be folded in half according to the papers unnamed sources similar to the way that a wallet is folded in that position there is a small display bar found on one side of the unit with cameras found on the other side the design sounds similar to images from a new Samsung patent that we showed you yesterday the fordable Samsung handset unlike other attempts at such a device will use one screen that actually vents the ZTE X on em does fold but is made up of two displays connected by a hinge the technology involved and the use of a large interior screen and a smaller one on the exterior have analysts expecting the unit to be priced at $1500 or more Samsung expects to earn sales from first adapters games and those inspired to buy the unit due to the novelty of the design some have expressed a concern about the size of the batteries that would be required to power such a product and there is a fear about the phone overheating back in 2016 the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled twice and finally taken off the market after several units overheated and exploded due to problems with the batteries used by Samsung Samsung is expected to release a small number of fordable units early next year to gauge the demand for the product if all goes well full production of the phone could be ordered for the second half of 2019 the device is a top priority for the company in light of recent data that shows a decline of as much as 20% between sales of this year’s Galaxy S 9 flagship line and last year’s Galaxy S eight models The Wall Street Journal also reports that the VIX be powered Samsung Smart speaker will be unveiled on August 9 at the same time as the Samsung galaxy note 9 it won’t happen right away though when the Samsung prototype code-named winner goes to retail it will reportedly target gamer first an audience that is less price sensitive than most it will cost at least $1,500 likely more than that featuring lights on top the product will be promoted as a high-end music player while undercutting the price of the Apple Home pod it is priced at a premium to most of Amazon’s Eco models company execs see this as one of the biggest revolutions in smartphone designs in many years and have made the project a priority for Samsung rumors often mention another Samsung project a smart speaker that one is code-named Lux and insiders say will likely launch alongside the galaxy note 9 it will be marketed as a high-end music player with a $300 price tag it will be voice controlled and will reportedly have the ability to direct sound deeming it to a specific person in the room it will be-powered by Bixby

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