So the 10th anniversary phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S10 will be a monumental upgrade and will come with a lot of features that makes it a true anniversary phone and one of the features could be a new faster LPDDR5 RAM. A few months ago Samsung announced this RAM. This LPDDR5 RAM not only offers higher speeds than the current LPDDR4 RAM, it’s also power efficient. It boasts a data rate of up to 6,400 megabits per second, or 1.5x faster than the LPDDR4 RAMs commonly used in the current flagship smartphones. To maximize power savings, the chip automatically lowers its voltage in accordance with the main CPU’s operating speed when in active mode and offers a deep sleep mode that cuts the power usage to approximately half the idle mode of the current LPDDR4 RAM. RAM power consumption IS IMPORTANT as its ALWAYS active. It doesnt matter if you use your phone or not, the consumption is always the same. And matters more now that phones are shipping with absurds amounts of RAM (8GB), and more RAM means more consumption. So LPDDR5 RAM will surely make a difference. Samsung has already started the mass production of these RAMs and it is speculated that it’ll end up on the Galaxy S10 devices, by the way it’s not confirmed just yet but it’s possible that we’ll see this on the S10 as the device is expected to have a dedicated NPU chip, and will also have a seperate 5G model. These two things require faster RAM so it’s totally possible that this RAM will end up on the S10. Some of you would say, we don’t necessarily need DDR5 RAM right now as they won’t make a huge difference as the DDR4 RAM on the Note 9 is already lightning fast. Yeah, that’s true but it’s more about future proofing than immediate payoff. We know that phones slow down after a certain period of time and that sucks considering the $1000 price tag we pay for it so its good to see someone investing in future technologies to dull the edges. So a few months ago we heard that the Galaxy S10 will come in these colors and now we sorta have confirmation that Samsung is indeed working on these colors. Samsung Mobile dot News and All About Samsung, which are trust able sources, are confident that the S10 will be available in these 5 colors. I’m more excited about the Emerald green and white, these were popular colors back then and it’s good to see Samsung bringing it back.

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