Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t want to go home but it was getting dark and your mother was calling you have you ever wanted to see the white knights of the northern latitudes but u don’t live in some places like ST Petersburg Russia well very soon it will be possible to say goodbye to the darkness of night and we might only know the beginning of a new day by looking at a clock this is all because scientists have created an artificial Sun but first things first over the past 200 years the quality of life for most people in the world has increased dramatically the discovery of electricity helped propel humanity deeper into the industrial Age and now into the era of information today billions of people have continouous access to telephones computers environmentally friendly cars and other incredibly convenient technologies work with electricity but the electricity we use is produced from a variety of different sources some of hem are renewable like wind solar or water power but most electricity is still produced by burning some kind of fuel according to the latest data from the variety of sources from around the world the total amount of energy produced per year is an incredible 155.481 terawatt-hours different sources have different efficiency and are differently transformed into electricity so it’s perhaps better to look at the energy that Coase hold industries and businesses consume which composes about 70% of the total it turns out that just to ensure our normal way of life we need to generate about 5.6 X 10 to the 20th power joules of energy per year of the oldest methods of producing energy is by burning coals and due to the compactness of this material and the simplicity of the process it’s in use almost everywhere but the power generating advantage of coal is tarnished by its disadvantages in order to fully meet the planets energy needs it would be necessary to burn up to 8 billion tons of the material every year and coal in addition to giving us plentiful energy also strongly pollutes the atmosphere then there’s oil if coal is a symbol of the 18th and 19th centuries then oil is the SCIM of energy for the 20th century and is still the main source of energy on the planet it’s estimated that if the world depended entirely on this so-called black gold we would have to burn more than 12 billion tons of the stuff a year with all of its associated negative effects and by the end of the 20th century people began to really seriously focus on enviromental population caused by burning such this as coal and oil a solution was found in the form of natural gas this fuel already produces more than 20% of mankind’s energy needs natural gas contains fewer toxic substances than coal or oil and its efficiency when burnt is an order of magnitude higher but when it’s burned carbon dioxide is still produced believe causes harm to the atmosphere by advancing global warming therefore scientists have had to look further with a view towards developing renewable energy sources and if dams and windmills cost to much and can only be installed in certain places then at least the alternative solar energy should be able to be produced almost any where if only there were no clouds recently German scientists announced the creation of a carbon neutral fuel capable of creating a temperature of up to 3,700 degrees Celsius in other word thy created an artificial Sun thus in light project consists of 149 xenon arc lamps that emit a light 10,000 times brighter than the natural sunlight we normally receive here at the Earth’s surface basically if all of the lamps  are focused in one direction and the light is then concentrated on one particular spot the temperature will be quickly rise bu the way a person who would dare walk under such a light would instantly burst into flames so that the experiment won’t harm people it’s being conducted in a special sealed laboratory but if you think that this is just a really cool and amusing experiment then you are deeply mistaken it’s real purpose is to try to attain the necessary concentration of light to start a reaction that could create hydrogen potentially the most efficient and clean burning source of energy there is you might know that conventional solar power plants use mirrors to focus sunlight on a container of water after while the water temperature rises and the container begins to emit stem which is then utilized to drive turbines to generate electricity thus in light artificial Sun works using the same technology only its actions is aimed at obtaining pure hydrogen from the steam which would then be used as fuel for airplanes and cars and like the main problem with thus in light is its low efficiency over the course of just four hours of operation this contraption uses about the same amount of energy as four people consumed over an entire year of course the scientists working on the project insist they will increase its efficiency in the near future so at this point illuminating a city using such an artificial Sun is not economically feasible speaking of illuminating villages the inhabitants of the Italian village of big Anila which is located in a valley between some mountains did something very interesting to solve their problem of a lack of sunlight every February the Sun would cease illuminating their village entire for a number of month so they made some simple calculations and then installed a gigantic mirror on a nearby mountainside that did receive sunlight to reflect it down upon them the mirror by the way is a metal sheet about 40 meters square and this was enough to make their previously dark and dull February’s now shine brightly incidentally even if a second Sun like the Sinned light were put into orbit its apperance for the majority of humankind would go unnoticed and no it’s not because people are to lazy to look up the current level of night time illumination from city lights has turned our nights into a kind of protracted Twilight continuing at this pace in the not-too-distant future we’ll all end up living in something approximating an eternal light of day in these modern time regarding urban streets lighting and such various different systems are used from ordinary incandescent lamp two devices working with excitable chemical elements such as mercury neon xenon and halogen so what does a typical modern metropolitan evening look like all too often these days the street lights of our thoroughfares and boulevards are flooded by a yellow orange light that is irritating to the eyes and these sodium vapour lamps are not very successful at driving away the darkness either they cover a very narrow range of the visible light spectrum and this badly affects color rendition so if you want to look like an unripe lemon go ahead get under one of these lights in most offices one must endure something like an eternal day if our courageous white-collar workers happen to glance up they might notice the long tubular  fluorescent lights hidden away on the ceiling such devices  are quite popular as they consume relatively little energy but most people are unaware that these wicked lamps are flickering very quickly almost imperceptibly to the eye which is extraordinarily irritating and can cause sever eye strain additionally their fragile glass construction requires very careful handling if they break they cab seriously damage one’s health despite their relatively strong performance characteristics incandescent lights do have two significant drawbacks short lifespan and high energy consumption probably everybody knows by now they are gradually being replaced by a new generation of light sources LED lamps and LED panels most experts now agree that the future belongs to this amazing technology already LED’s are being used for such things as illuminating road signs lighting outdoor advertising and of course for a multitude of domestic needs unlike incandescent light.

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