When it comes to space, we’re already a little paranoid, but from real martians on Mars to the Global Galactic League of Nations, here are 6 secret space programs that might actually exist!!

Solar Warden A little background history here to start. While many feel that the government and NASA have been honest about their programs and projects to help expand the space exploration initiative, not all were convinced. In fact, in 2002, a man named Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA and “claimed” to have found proof of extraterrestrial life, among other things. One of the things he supposedly found were space programs that were in use for a very long time. One of the first of which was the Solar Warden program. Now, while that is a cool name, its story is a bit ludicrous. Apparently, this is a fleet of starships, about 48 strong, if not more, and its goal is to ensure that human life isn’t abducted…above normal quotas. Confused? Well, apparently, in the 1950’s, a group of malevolent aliens came to Earth and wanted to abduct some humans. A peace treaty was made between the aliens and the US (led by Dwight D. Eisenhower at the time as President) that only certain amounts of humans would be taken. In exchange, the US would be granted true military supremacy. Well, the aliens weren’t living up to their end of the bargain I guess, because the US started making Solar Warden as a “space border patrol” to ensure that only the allotted humans were taken. The program didn’t technically launch until 1980, but “if” it’s still there today, it’s apparently done its job. I could easily break down all the problems with this, including how one of the people who “helped build” the ships for Solar Warden was apparently receiving telepathic messages on how to build the ships, but I’ll leave it to you. The aliens? When they decided to do the peace treaty, they were represented by Nazi’s. Or so the accounts claim. Wrap your head around that one.

Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Going from weird to weirder, here’s one supposed space program that’s odd on virtually every level. Yet there is “evidence” to suggest this actually is real. Lockheed Martin is an aerospace group that is really good at keeping secrets. But apparently, they teamed up with various other aerospace groups, including Northrop Grumman, to create the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. Doesn’t that sound fancy? So, what’s the purpose of this “group”? Well, according to insiders, it’s actually about trade. Specifically, trading with other alien races. Which, if you believe the insiders, they’re actually very successful at doing. Because, in their own words, the ICC has already traded with 900 different alien species. 900! You might be asking at this point, “Why would so many alien species want to trade with Earth? What do we have to offer?” Good question, and the answer is that apparently, we as humans have a gift for engineering, and other aliens species, especially ones that are at “our level”, appreciate that gift, and thus want to see what we make for themselves. So, this all sounds pretty logical, right? With the exception of the ICC knowing 900 alien species, right? Well, here’s where things get trippy. You see, the “home base” of the ICC? It’s not on Earth, it’s on Mars. Wait, it gets better. The “workforce” at this base? It’s not volunteers, it’s slave labor. Specifically, slaves that were taken from Earth in the 1980’s and forced to live and work there. And if they had children? They’re automatically conscripted to the cause. Doesn’t give you a lot of hope for humanity, huh? The catch here in all of this, was that there was a meeting in 2015 with the British Interplanetary Society (which is a real group) that talked about how to “theoretically depose” a Martian dictator, which would seemingly be a reference to the ICC’s base on Mars. A few days before that meeting? The base was “leaked” via an insider. So…if it isn’t real…why did they talk about it? And now for number 4, but first, if you are new here welcome! And be sure to subscribe before you leave!.

The Dark Fleet Let’s head back to World War II for a second, ok? Adolf Hitler was known for many things, but one thing that sometimes gets pushed to the side was his many beliefs. No, not the beliefs about which humans are superior, but rather, the beliefs of what is real in our world. Hitler was huge into the Occult, and more than that, he believed in aliens. And…if certain testimonies are to be believed, the Nazi’s made contact with a species of aliens called The Draco in the 1930’s. The “history” of the The Draco is actually rather elaborate, so here’s the gist. They’re centrally located in the Orion Constellation, they resemble reptilian humanoids of sorts, they’re controlled by an Artificial Intelligence from another universe, and they’re conquerors. No wonder they got along with the Nazi’s, am I right? So, what is the Dark Fleet itself? It’s ships made by the Draco, but ran by Germans. But, they didn’t get turned on Earth, but rather, these Nazi’s are used to help defend and expand the Draco Empire, which is apparently quite substantial. So much so the empire is apparently under constant attack from more kind aliens that want to see their reign end. I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for those aliens. The big problem here is this, if the Draco were conquerors, and they formed an alliance with the Nazi’s…why didn’t they take over Earth? The Draco are “known” for their desire to have slaves from their conquered planets. Earth has billions, so why not take it over? Maybe that’s why Hitler shot himself, they didn’t want to play ball with him anymore. If that’s what actually happened.

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