While many of us would prefer to look to the future history is a part of everyone’s lives but sometimes what we were taught in school was only the tip of the historical iceberg here are 10 historical facts they never taught you in school the Pony Express the Pony Express is one of the most recognizable icons in American Old West lore following the gold rush in 1848 demands for a faster mail delivery service grew so three local businessmen had an idea they decided to use mounted riders rather than traditional stagecoaches for faster delivery they established a hundred and eighty four stations along their route about 10 miles apart roughly the distance a horse can gallop before becoming tired most people don’t know that this mail delivery system only lasted 19 months post-mortem photography when the daguerreotype the first camera was invented in 1839 it made it possible for middle-class families to have images of their loved ones many families were not wealthy enough to afford painted portraits so photography sessions were much faster and less expensive at the time childhood mortality was extremely high so using the daguerreotype to photographs of dead became a very common practice in Victorian era Britain sometimes the only images of the deceased were taken after they had passed the dead would be positioned to appear as though they were sleeping or propped up in chairs sometimes with the entire family heroine as medicine before it became an illegal narcotic heroin was used as medicine it was used as an anti-diarrheal a cough suppressant and a way to soothe a fussy baby medical professionals used opium to develop morphine around 1810 they were amazed by its ability to alleviate severe pain and named it after the Greek god of Dreams Morpheus because of the euphoric side-effects then in 1894 Germany had developed their own version calling it heroin they claimed it was a non-addictive alternative to morphine the drugs could be bought over the counter from pharmacies until the 1920s slave erikson 500 years before Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered the Americas Norse explorer Leif Erikson is actually considered the first European to discover North America Leif was the son of Erik the Red a Viking and founder of the Norse settlement now known as Greenland after leaving Greenland to travel to Norway in 999 ad Lafe converted to Christianity and was instructed to bring their religion back to Greenland it is believed that upon his return voyage Lafe was blown off-course and came across the northern tip of what is now Newfoundland though he did not settle the area the swastika 5,000 years before Hitler turned the swastika into one of the most feared and heated symbols in the modern world it had a very different meaning the symbol of the hooked cross represented good luck and well-being and dates as far back as the second century BCE it is a sacred symbol even today in many Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism and is seen in temples and homes by 1920 the symbol was associated with the German ideology of a cure race and was later adopted by the Nazi Party during World War two forever changing and stigmatizing the one’s innocence symbol female hysteria treatment the idea of female hysteria dates back as far as the ancient Greeks they believe that a woman’s uterus was in fact a living creature that roamed her body causing illness and distress by the late 1850s female hysteria was one of the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses in women symptoms of female hysteria were set to include insomnia nervousness and lack of appetite in extreme cases physicians would order the removal of the uterus or a trip to the insane asylum but more commonly the treatment involved a doctor manually stimulating the clitoris given the overwhelming amount of patients that were diagnosed with female hysteria physicians developed the first vibrators to allow women to relieve their own sand world’s shortest war the anglo Zanzibar war of 1896 was a conflict between the military of the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate it began with the death of a pro-british Sultan his successor and cousin then took over the palace within hours of his death without the approval of the British diplomats he was warned to stand down but began to gather his armies instead seeing this as an act of war the British also gather their troops the British offered the new Sultan an ultimatum stand down or be destroyed he refused and the British opened fire the Sultan escaped and left his remaining people to fend for themselves within 38 minutes the war had ended dr. eugene Lisowski known as the Polish Schindler Eugene Lazar ski was a Polish medical doctor during World War two when Germany invaded Poland or zovsky and fellow doctors stanislav Mutulu which began to experiment with bacterial injections they discovered that the vaccine for typhus a highly contagious bacteria that can be fatal causes the person injected to test positive for the disease without the symptoms knowing the Nazis were terrified of disease they injected the residents of the town and managed to fake an epidemic rather than transporting the Jewish residents to death camps the Nazis quarantine the towns instead this deception saved the lives of nearly 8,000 people mad as a hatter some think the expression mad as a hatter comes from Alice in Wonderland but that’s not the case in the 19th century felt hats were a popular fashion for men in Victorian England Europe America and Russia the people that made the hats known as Hatter’s worked animal fur through a solution that contained mercury to create the felt it was later discovered that prolonged exposure to the vapors caused mental confusion and neurological damage which made the Hatters appear to be insane the syndrome came to be known as Mad Hatter disease foot-binding also known as lotus feet’ foot-binding was the practice in imperial china of binding a girl’s feet before the age of six to stop them from growing the girl’s toes would be bent underneath the sole of their foot and tied tightly with ribbon up to their ankles they would then be made to walk until their foot broke which would tie the bindings tighter the process could take up to three years and their feet will remain deformed for the rest of their lives girls with lotus feet were considered to be the most beautiful and sexually pleasing and earned them a higher rank in society the practice of foot binding began to die out in the 1920s but didn’t stop completely until the late 1950s we hope you enjoyed this video and that you.

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