What awaits us in the great beyond life

This is top 5 wildest ideas about life after death


A perilous journey even after death the souls troubles might not be over according to ancient Egyptians the souls descended to an underworld called Duat and embarked on a journey fraught with peril the famous book of the Dead along with other similar texts provided insight and guidance as to how one could overcome these post-mortem obstacles which included demons and monsters at the end of the road the soul or heart was weighed against a feather and depending on the outcome that soul became either a midnight snack for a meat devour of the souls or was allowed to move on to our oh the field of reeds.

Our Consciousness

Will continue in other universes you Eleanor shall strop are dead your life on earth has ended and you are now in the next phase of you existence in the universe another belief is that we never really die at all doctor and medical researchers Robert Lanza argues in bio-centrism that our current scientific worldwide is all wrong consciousness creates the cosmos not the other way around he points to the role of the observer and quantum mechanics to propose that we generate our own reality in this theory of everything there may be many universes some of which will include other versions of ourselves death Lanza claims is therefore just an illusion our consciousness will always exist through the infinite universes of the multiverse i’m frightened let’s go love.

Raelian Cloning

One day we’ll all shuffle off this mortal coil but according to the members of the UFO religion realism this doesn’t mean we won’t get a brand new one now we are entering the time of Science and Technology and it’s good their leader former sports car journalist Claude volume also known as Rael advocates human cloning and mind transfer as a means to eternal life in fact an Associated company clonal claimed the world’s first human back in 2002 in the meantime Rayleigh and baptism involves sending an initiate kinetic information to an extraterrestrial supercomputer preserving them for cloning in the future here a target on a cloud that’s slightly troubling.

All Existence Ends

Was nothing real doom in Lewis Carroll’s novel through the looking-glass Alice is told that she’s part of the dream of the slumbering Red King he wakes up she will flicker out like a candle if that egg King was to wake up now he disappeared it’s a clever allusion to idealism and a problem of other minds how we know that other people and the outside world really exist our only direct experience is of our own mind one extreme solution is metaphysical solipsism the belief that only the self actually exists but this means that when the self dies the whole universe will die too extinguished like a candle.

Different Destinations for Different Deaths

Every Sandwich you ate every time you bought a magazine every single thing you did had an effect that rippled out ever time and ultimately created some amount of good or our good deaths rewarded in some Norse sources those who died in battle go to either the Hall Valhalla or the field folk banger while others descend to the underworld the Aztecs believed that slain warriors and victims of sacrifice accompany the deity of the Sun as it Rose while women who died during childbirth followed the Sun as its set those who drowned were struck by a lightning or died from diseases ascended  to claw Loken a paradise of eternal spring but people who suffered ordinary deaths were consigned to meet LUN and underworld of nine levels in which the soul had to make an arduous trek downwards crashing mountains and hungry jaguars.

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